Herbal Extract

Vata Oil

De-stress Therapy.

* elaxing, Warming, Nourishing.
* Warming herbs that nourish & ground Vata.
* Supports vitality & Vigor
* ubricates & Supportsvata system.
* Promote calmness & Strength.

Brahmi Amla


* Support life and beauty of hair.
* Keeps hair soft and healthy.
* This herbal oil formulation has peaceful and calming effects of Brahmi and the rejuvinating Power of Amla.
It is used as a herbal tonic for scalp and skin.

Tridoshik Oil


* Mitigates all dosha imbalance.
* Relaxes the mind and muscles.
* Relieves inflammation and irritation on the sjin and the joints.
Relieves pain in the muscles and joints.